OnPoint Dietitian

How can our OnPoint Dietitians help?

In simple terms, we evaluate which aspects of your diet are negatively affecting your body, health and well-being.

Our team of OnPoint Dietitians will take the time to listen, and provide a guided approach to achieving your goals, whether it be weight loss, diabetes control, understanding food allergy triggers or improving performance in your chosen sport.

We see a range of clients and have successfully treated conditions such as coeliac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, children’s nutrition and eating disorders.

What you can expect from your first appointment.

As there are some forms to fill out before your first appointment, try to arrive 5-10mins early. On most days, we run very close to time.

We’ll need around 45mins during the initial consultation. This will allow us to investigate your:

  • Health history
  • Usual food and exercise habits
  • Construct some short and long term goals
  • Setting out a step by stepprocess as to how we’re going to reach those goals
  • Scheduling a follow-up appointment


You will be given some information sheets which will help expand your knowledge on how the body works and how simple food choices can start to affect the body’s performance.

Our Dietitians have helped thousands of everyday people on the Gold Coast, and more specifically Ashmore, Molendinar, Southport, Nerang and Carrara, to jump back into life!

So what are you waiting for, we would love you to call or book online.



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