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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to streamlining your health. It is a tried and tested philosophy that incorporates nutritioniridologyhomeopathyherbal treatment and meditation. Our OnPoint Naturopaths view it critical to manage your diet, exercise habits and lifestyle stress to move forward.

OnPoint Naturopaths don’t just focus on the symptoms, they aim to reveal the layers that have created your current health situation. Whether this involves past injuries, illnesses or emotional grief, our OnPoint Naturopaths are determined to help by lending a concerned ear, and providing advice and knowledge unmatched by any other.

‘Our focus is on disease prevention and wellness creation.’

You may not have accepted it yet but, your health is everything. Without your health you can’t earn a living, raise a family, travel or have fun playing sport. Our culture views prolonging life as being more important than improving your quality of life.

Drugs, some with many dangerous side effects, are prescribed to treat stress related conditions. Your OnPoint Naturopath is focussed on a deeper, more meaningful diagnosis and treatment, as opposed to some ‘band-aid’ solutions that may exist.

What can you expect during you first meeting?

Your first Naturopathic consultation will involve a case history, iris diagnosis and a diet & lifestyle assessment. Treatment may include dietary and nutritional recommendations, flower essence and cell salt prescription, massage and relaxation techniques.

OnPoint Naturopathy also runs private and group sessions in Stress Management; this includes learning meditation and relaxation techniques.

Will you benefit from Naturopathy?

Our OnPoint Naturopaths can help if:

  • You’re suffering depression or physical pain
  • You need to lose weight
  • Your energy levels are below normal and constantly feel fatigued
  • You want to control your allergies
  • You believe you may have a nutritional deficiency
  • You want some advice for healthy living through childhood

Our Naturopaths have helped thousands of everyday people on the Gold Coast, and more specifically Ashmore, Molendinar, Southport, Nerang and Carrara, to jump back into life!

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